How to keep Feather Lodge Vinyl Planks looking good as new?

The most common scratches come from abrasions from dirt and grit often coming from the bottom of our shoes. Scratches may also be caused by pets claws and heavy furniture.

The Best way to keep vinyl floors protected from scratches and the wear and tear of everyday life; use walk off mats that are compatible with vinyl flooring at all entrances. To avoid possible discoloration use mats without latex or rubber backing, look for vinyl compatible mats.

Non-Staining floor protectors are another simple way to help maintain luxury vinyl flooring. It is suggested to use these protectors on heavy furniture, chairs, rolling office chairs, file cabinets and tables.

Avoiding direct sunlight exposure especially during peak hours of sun, this will keep the floors from fading.

Please browse our Cleaning & Care Info for more information about keeping Vinyl and Laminate flooring as good as new.


Can Kitchen Cabinets be Installed over Feather Lodge Vinyl Planks?

No, install kitchen cabinets before installing Feather Lodge Rigid Vinyl Planks. Our vinyl flooring is meant to be used as a floating floor.

Can Rigid Vinyl Planks be Installed over Carpet?

No, Feather Lodge Rigid Vinyl Planks must be installed over a smooth, hard surface flooring or a substrate, free of deflection.


Are Color Variations Possible from one Production Run to Another?

Feather Lodge Vinyl Planks from time to time may have slight color variations between production runs. These variations, although infrequent, will be more noticeable in lighter color decors.

When using the very light colors, it is best to check the production run number (#) which is indicated on the label on the short side (end) of the carton.

If you find that you have cartons from different production runs, it is highly recommended that you open 2-3 cartons and install a mix of planks from each different production run on your floor. This will result in a more natural looking floor.

Do AquaLogic Rigid Vinyl Planks Prevent the Transmission of Moisture?

No, AquaLogic, AquaLogic Ultra, AquaLogic Pro and AquaLogic Plus Vinyl Planks themselves are waterproof.

Moisture should not be present nor allowed to collect on either side of the Vinyl Plank flooring to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Any liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Can Feather Lodge Vinyl Planks be Installed in a Non-Climate Controlled Environment?

No, Feather Lodge Vinyl Planks are intended for indoor use in a normal climate controlled environment.

Post installation temperature must be maintained between 60˚and 85˚ F.

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