Care & Cleaning Guide

Daily Vinyl Floor Care

In order to protect your investment Feather Lodge has some simple care tips to help you maintain your luxury vinyl flooring.

We suggest using a floor cleaner and microfiber mop to clean your vinyl floors. This daily clean helps to remove dust and debris buildup that can develop over time. Avoid using a traditional mop and bucket since it’s easy to spread excess water on the luxury vinyl flooring. Excess liquids can get into the seams and edges of the floor and may warp vinyl planks, if not cleaned immediately. Bona © Stone, Tile and Laminate Cleaner is our suggested cleaner, Bona also sells a premium spray mop which combines the cleaner in a convenient cartridge along with the Bona Microfiber cleaning pad.

To keep a well maintained floor, you’ll need to do a more thorough cleaning about once a week. First, we suggest to vacuum or dry mop the floor to remove dust, hair and dirt. Then you’re ready to move on to a wet mop like the Bona Mop, and a cleaning solution.

Following this simple daily/weekly routine is all you need to keep luxury vinyl flooring looking its best and staying protected. Its durable nature lends itself to easy cleaning and peace of mind knowing that your floors will always look great. To further protect floors, use felt pads on furniture bases/legs and be sure to never drag heavy objects along your floors.



A Microfiber Mop, dry or with vinyl floor cleaner is an effective floor cleaner to use on luxury vinyl floors. This assists in removing any buildup not removed by dry mopping alone.


Make sure to keep blinds closed during peak hours of sunlight as vinyl flooring tiles may lift or warp after constant exposure to high UV light.


All of our vinyl products are water resistant. With that being said, it is important to clean spills immediately to avoid moisture from impregnating the seams.


Bona © Stone, Tile and Laminate Cleaner is our suggested cleaning product, for both Vinyl and Laminate flooring. 


Use non-staining walk off mats at entrances to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked onto floor. A helpful hint if using a rubber backed mat make sure that the rubber is non-staining and safe to use on vinyl surfaces.

Floor Protectors

Heavy furniture or appliances should be equipped with nonstaining floor protectors.