Pamplona Plank

6.5" x 48” x 7.5/8.5mm (20mil W/L)

This ultra-durable and rigid flooring is lighter than SPC vinyl, waterproof and flame resistant making this product perfect for commercial use. The Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Core is a strong, high quality, fire-resistant, mineral based building material. MataFloor if AC5 Rated.


MgO Luxury Flame Retardant Plank Flooring

Size: 6.5 x 48” x 7.5/8.5mm (20mil W/L)

Surface: Embossed

Finish: Ceramic Bead

Bevel: 4 Sided Micro V-Bevel

Fastening System: Unilin™ Fastening System

Installation: Angle/Angle Lay-Down